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Whole trimmed Beef Tenderloin

Whole trimmed Beef Tenderloin

Regular price $106.20

Unit price per 


Whole Filet Mignon, the Cadillac of steaks.  $24.99/lb.  Compare at retail steak price of $36.99/lb.  

You will get:

4 or 5 8 oz center cut filet mignon  (approx 2.25 lbs)

3 - 8-10 bacon wrapped filet mignon (approx 2 lbs.)

Cost comparisons

2.25 x 34.99 - $83.22

2 x 27.99 = $55.98

counter cost - $139.20

whole tenderloin 4.25 lbs x $24.99 = $106.20

That is savings of $33 or 24%




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