SAVNGS - click on Rod's Relief Cooler. ------------------- WBFF Superstars we are delivering to Las Vegas

WBFF - Las Vegas 2021

We will be delivering meals to Las Vegas for the Superstars of the WBFF.  Meals will be delivered on Wed, August 11th to your hotel.  We will coordinate a time of delivery based on your estimated arrival time.  

Order must be at least $100.  Delivery fee is $25 and the cooler/ice pack fee is $15.  Be sure to choose Las Vegas delivery.  

Meals will be in microwavable containers as seen in pictures.  Ice packs will be included in cooler, but will have to be refrozen during your stay.  Hopefully you have a fridge in your room, if not, using the ice machine and keeping cooler in tub or shower will work also.  Coolers are not waterproof and will leak.  

I have basic items listed, if you have a special request please text me at 480 226-0938.  I have no rules and most likely can make it happen.  

I will also happily deliver water with your meals if you'd like.  I will have it on the website as well.  Any other specific drinks or other items to make your trip great please text me. 

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