Prime Rib Roast

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Please order a min of 3 pounds on your rib roast, this will ensure a large enough roast to cook as a prime rib!


Elevate your celebrations and special occasions with our Prime Rib Roast at Midwestern Meats. Prime Rib is a premium cut of meat, and a well-marbled roast that’s perfect for slow-roasting to perfection. It’s known for its tenderness and rich flavor, making it a luxurious centerpiece for any gathering. To plan accordingly, we recommend ordering approximately 1 pound per person you intend to feed.


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Weight 1 lbs

Boneless Choice – per lb, Bone IN Choice – per lb, Boneless Prime Grade – per lb, Bone IN Prime Grade – per lb, French Cut Choice Grade – per lb


Pre-seasoning – Yes, Pre-seasoning – No