Country Style Rib

$5.99 /lb



Savor the down-home goodness of our Country Style Ribs at Midwestern Meats in Mesa, Arizona. Our Country Style Ribs are a comfort food favorite, perfect for those seeking a hearty and flavorful dining experience. Cut from the pork shoulder, these ribs are rich in marbling, which guarantees succulence and a deliciously tender texture when slow-cooked or grilled. Whether you choose to braise them in a savory sauce or throw them on the barbecue for that smoky char, our Country Style Ribs promise a taste of nostalgia and a burst of smoky, savory flavor in every bite.

Elevate your mealtime with the heartiness of our Country Style Ribs, a classic choice that’s perfect for satisfying your craving for comfort food.

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Weight 1 lbs