Hind Quarter


A selection of meats from the back half of the cattle

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Hind Quarter Contains:

12 lb. Sirloin Steak (wrapped individually)

20 lb. T-bone/Porterhouse (wrapped individually) OR 10 lb. N.Y. Steak (wrapped individually) & 5 lb. Filet Mignon (wrapped in packs of 2)

9 lb. Sirloin Tip Roast (3 x 3 lb. roasts)

9 lb. Rump Roast (3 x 3 lb. roasts)

5 lb. Round Steak (wrapped individually)

12 lb. Top Round Roast (wrapped individually)

3 lb. Eye of Round Roast (1 x 3 lb. roast)

30 x 1 lb. Ground Chuck

100 lb. take home meat.  (95 lb. with N.Y. Steak and Filet)
$9.24 per lb. of meat.


Please leave a note when finalizing order, or contact us at (480) 924-5855 for any custom changes


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Include Porterhouse & T-Bone, Include N.Y. Strip Steak & Filet Mignon