Whole Chicken


Approx 3 LB Chicken



Each whole chicken is 3 pounds at 3.99 a pound.


Experience the timeless and versatile goodness of our Whole Chicken at Midwestern Meats in Mesa, Arizona. Our Whole Chicken is a culinary staple, perfect for those seeking a fresh and flavorful protein source. Our chickens are carefully sourced and expertly prepared to ensure the highest quality. Whether you choose to roast it to a crispy, golden perfection, grill it for a smoky flavor, or simmer it for a comforting soup, our Whole Chicken offers a range of culinary possibilities.

At Midwestern Meats, we take pride in providing you with the finest Whole Chicken, ensuring that your meals are infused with the savory and natural taste that only fresh poultry can provide. Create memorable family dinners or delightful feasts with our Whole Chicken, a choice that’s as classic as it is delicious.