USDA Choice Grade Flank Steak

$16.99 /lb



Experience the bold and beefy flavor of our Flank Steak at Midwestern Meats. Our Flank Steak is a culinary favorite known for its rich taste and versatility. We take pride in sourcing the finest cuts, ensuring that each steak is lean and marbled to perfection. The result is a cut that’s perfect for marinating, grilling, or broiling. Its rich flavor profile and tender texture make it an excellent choice for those who crave a hearty and savory meal. Whether you marinate it to enhance its natural taste or slice it thinly for use in various dishes, our Flank Steak promises a satisfying and flavorful dining experience.

This is for by-the-pound raw flank steak.

If you’re looking for our pre-cooked flank steak meals:

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Weight 1 lbs